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Teeth Whitening in the heart of London

When carried out by professionals teeth whitening is one of the simplest cosmetic procedures. Using a proper whitening agent produces quick and effective results, giving you the brighter, whiter smile you always wanted.

Over the years, everyone experiences a natural build up of organic pigments on their teeth like colourized proteins from coffee, tea, colas and other foods which have darkened the natural whiteness of your teeth. For people who also smoke the darkening process can be more severe. These stains are more difficult to remove, but yellowing of teeth is easily reversed.

The teeth whitening procedure itself is very simple. A solution is painted onto the teeth with a brush allowing the front of the teeth to contact directly with the gel. This is then left for about 20 minutes for maximum effect to take place. The solution removes any stains and the tooth enamel becomes a lighter and whiter shade. Results are impressive and will have a success rate in more than 90% of patients.

How long will it take until my teeth are whiter?

With our tooth whitening treatment the effect on your teeth will become apparent after the first treatment and will usually become even more noticeable after a second treatment.

How long will the results last?

Individual results will vary depending on the consumer's habits, their unique dental make-up, age, and genetics. However, the initial results will last the average consumer up to two years. Over time, and for the same reasons that caused the teeth to discolour in the first place, you will notice your teeth darkening again. If this happens, you can simply repeat the procedure and your teeth whitening will be restored again to their brilliant white color. If you want to renew the whitening process more often we recommend a take home kit - you can refresh the whitening as often as you like.

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