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Our Complaints procedure

We hope that the patients that visit our practice have a pleasant and enjoyable experience, however we acknowledge that despite our best efforts we may not have got it completely right. In this instance if you feel that you would like to let us know that we have got it wrong please follow our complaints procedure and we hope to resolve your concerns and win back your confidence again.

1) Contact the practice by phone to discuss your concerns with the Practice Manager within 10 working days for practice to investigate and respond verbally to you.
2) You will be invited to attend a consultation to resolve the complaint 5 working days. (You are required to allow us to resolve the treatment issue and adequate time permitted for treatment to respond etc).
3) If you are not satisfied with the outcome of the phone discussion , please write to us listing your complaints and why you are not satisfied with the verbal discussion and meeting at the practice. Please allow 10 working days for practice to review and respond.
4) Practice will respond in writing to you with its proposed resolution to the complaint, if acceptable to you case will be closed.
5) If you are not in agreement your concerns and complaints will be escalated to the Principal(s) to resolve 10 working days to respond who may again invite you in to discuss with him how best to resolve your complaint.
6) Once an agreement has been reached by both parties, a formal letter of the agreed resolution will be forwarded for signature by both parties. (10 working days for practice to resolve after reviewing clinical notes and examinations etc).